Yorick Zwerver is an Artist/Creator, Composer/Producer, Vocalist/Storyteller and Artistic Director. Orginated in the Pays-Bas, Los Países Bajos, Hollanda or simply The Netherlands. Yorick keeps an enthousiastic energy of interest in the world's wonderful myths and hidden secrets. Attracted to adventure and natural sensation, he is a modern times explorer of cultures and lifestyles. As a result, you find out soon enough, his energy causes creations of versatile musical diversity.

A bright autumnday, back in 1989, brought sparkling sunshine to life. His heart started the beat, the rhythm of life. As he grew up, he got inspired by differents styles of art. Music, theatre, circus, dance, literature, poetry, performance-arts and the fine-arts, were as food for his own fantasy and creative power. As a kid he started to create his own world out of old paper. He build his own toys like papercities, papercastles and even luxurious paperislands, where you could spend the time chilling and drive, if you prefered, in papercadillacs.

At the age of six, he wanted to become a clown and dreamed about working in a circus. He loved to perform and regale the audiance with a laugh. He joined a circusfamily, and got education in different circus disciplines and the art of vaudeville, slapstick and pantomime. These performance-arts are often stimulated with music. That made him attracted to sound. He took lessons in general music theory and drumming, and got fascinated with rhythm. Later while doing High School, he met friends that had the same interest in beatmusic. Logically they started table- chair- closet- and windowdrumming, rapping and improvising with each other.

One of these wonderful friends was a programmer and HipHop-fanatic called Pimm The Chinchilla, He knew how to use samplers.Together they started composing hiphop, r&b, reggae and urban orientated beats.
They wrote lyrics and played with style-figures, language and words. In first instance they only used short one-hit samples. All samples had the aim to be self-recorded, to create an own typical sound that would be recognizeable. These samples could be anything like a bunch on a trash, the snaps of scissors, or a smack on a closet. Later their sound developed in a more legato way, by the use of adding synths. They also started recording acoustic instruments like guitars, accordions, violins, didgeredoos and saxophones.

Getting more and more involved in the world of colourful sounds, he felt the time had come to learn playing the piano. He got his education and was inter alia taught in the basics of Latin and Cuban Salsa Music. In the year 2011, Yorick did audition for a Composition- and Musicproduction-education at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen (NL). This education focuses on creating applied music in every kind of style. For instance classical, pop, jazz, blues, rock, hiphop, electronic, world etc. Music with the goal to connect with other arts, like theatre or film, or to be just music.

Gratefully he had the honour to enter this study as one of four first-year students. An adventure had begun. Whithin this education he was obliged to open his ears wider than he had ever done before. With the goal to release himself from learned habits and prejudices, so that he went able to hear and see more. He learned to be artistic and willfull by aiming not to copy styles, but by using the elements of different styles. Composing them together. Mixing, squeezing and chewing these elements to find again; an own recognizable sound.

Now the time is here to share my thoughts and my imagination with you! In my opinion, I think we as human beings need to be free, independent and have to follow our dreams to develop our personality. To experience the most essential goal in life. Which is definitely: happiness. Believe in yourself. In the talents you've got. So that you are able to live in a way that is meant to be. Wherever you are. Always:

''Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness.
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying.
Smile, what's the use of crying.
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile!''

- Charles Chaplin -